Yes He Can’t

Infidels, this is pathetic — Despite being even a bigger tax cheat than the Secretary of the Treasury, the HHS Nominee has Obama’s “Confidence.”

Tom Daschle, who has amended his U.S. tax forms to pay back taxes with interest, remains the best choice to be U.S. President Barack Obama’s chief health official, White House spokesman Bill Burton said.
The president has confidence that Senator Daschle is the right person to lead the fight for health-care reform, Daschle, 61, paid more than $140,000 in back taxes and interest on Jan. 2, the New York Times reported, citing unidentified administration officials. The back taxes involved unreported consulting fees, questionable charitable contributions and a car and driver provided by Democratic Party donor Leo Hindery Jr., a founder of the private equity firm InterMedia Advisors, according to a confidential draft report prepared by the Senate Finance Committee, the Washington Post reported.

This guy is a crook folks. He’s engaged in tax evasion. It’s a friggin crime. His post hoc fix doesn’t make this any better. Do you think had he not been a candidate for the President’s Cabinet that he would have dished out this money?
This is the same President that cries about the sins of lobbyists, who says “shame on you” to those wall street assholes, the same guy who talks about transparency and about ethics — he already has a former lobbyist in DOD and he has 1 tax cheat heading the Treasury and IRS and he has confidence in Daschle???? The biggest tax cheat of them all???
If President Obama had any honor or integrity he would withdraw the nomination and tell the American public that he’d been duped by Daschle. But I guess he’s willing to give Tom a pass.
I credit the NY Times for at least publishing the story but where are these butthead liberals objecting to the nomination? If this had been a GOP nominee they’d be crying foul and screaming about the “culture of corruption.” I guess tax laws don’t apply to them.
What a bunch of pathetic hypocritical wankers. I think the hand lotion has seeped into their brains.
Here’s the story.

1 thought on “Yes He Can’t”

  1. Incredible,
    The Obama administration has been sworn for only two weeks and is already showing in how much deep “CACA” they are with the people they’ve selected to top posts and the decisions they’ve made so far.
    I got new for you all, enjoy the ride from this point on because it its only going to get worse for all of us.
    But you know what? Deep in our hearts we knew that this is what we were going to get with the “Messiah” at the helm, so don’t be surprised a bit.
    If only the American people would have shown more brain in the selection for a new President we would be in better shape for our future.
    I guess The United States of America has become a banana republic too with their citizens having no brains whatsoever in what is best for them when it comes to select a new political leader,
    How sad, but true.

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