Spain Celebrates Cuban Revolution!

Of course! Spain celebrates the 50th anniv. of Cuba rendered into a despot-ruled pesthole. They just CAN’t live down the fact that Spaniards CLAMORED, STOOD in Line, and BEGGED (!!) to immigrate to Cuba PRIOR to it’s Communist subjugation and trashing.
No Cuban moved to the pesthole known as Spain, anymore than he’d move to Haiti or Santo Domingo, prior to the glorious revolution that these Spaniards (resentidos, all) celebrate.
Get over it, Gallegos.
We (our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents, actually) cleaned your clock militarily, then built a vibrant and prosperous nation in a mere half a century after defeating your despotism. No wonder you celebrate another version of despotism, imposed 50 years ago.
But for Castro, you Spaniards (not just the hotel robber barons) would STILL be clamoring to live in Cuba, beats the hell outta living in shack with a goat, two donkeys and a few million piojos.

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  1. Uhm Humberto I don’t know family ancestry, but I think you could tone down a bit how you refer to Spain and Gallegos, since my deceased father was indeed a Galician whose family migrated to Cuba during Spain’s Civil war, and it was Spain who received my mother (had not met my father yet) and part of her family when they fled Cuba.
    Additionally, we can also highlight – as the two commentators before me note – that there were just as many people marching AGAINST Castro and Cuba’s lack of democracy for the past 50 years.

  2. My family, from both sides hails, 2nd generation, from Catalunya and Asturias. Pero soy Cubano, y por eso, soy, mas que nada–un GRAN JODEDOR!
    “Twisting the Lion’s Tail!” American colonials (mostly British born) called it, back in the 18 hundreds.

  3. Why should we tone down the rhetoric on the folks that brought us Valeriano Weyler and concentration camps and gleefully do business with a mass murderer?

  4. There was a equally if not larger demonstrations against 50 years of the Cuban tyranny. Elizabeth Aguirre, Madrid’s President and a Spaniard and not the only one were there to in support of Cuban liberty.

  5. Humberto I can sympathize with your anger, but we are all descendants of Spaniards and Gallegos and their piojos. 😐
    And don’t forget the successful demonstrations against the 50 years of the Castro Regime in Madrid and Barcelona.
    Let them keep idolizing Commie bastards. Someday we will look from our side while they suffer under communist rule and be able to say – Told you so!!!

  6. Why should we tone down the rhetoric on the folks that brought us Valeriano Weyler and concentration camps and gleefully do business with a mass murderer?
    Your’re right George,
    I lost my some of my great grandparents on my father’s side of the family because of Valeriano Weyler’s concentration camps policies.

  7. Why I’ll have you know some of my best friends are Spaniards (they love hunting too. And are usually better wingshots than me.) But from the viewpoint of an American patriot, there’s better reason to bash Spain than France. To wit:
    “In a Pew Foundation survey, released in 2004, fully 73 percent of respondents in Spain registered an “unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” opinion of the United States, compared with 60 percent in France and Germany, and 33 percent in Great Britain. Americans as people are disliked by 51 percent of Spaniards (as opposed to 35 percent in France, 26 percent in Germany and 21 percent in Great Britain)”,filter.all/pub_detail.asp
    If because of French Anti-Americanism, French Fries merit a name change to Freedom Fries, I forthwith dub Caldo Gallego, “Freedom Stew.”

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