The del Toro idiocy continues…

When asked by lefty blowhard Peter Kornbluh Benicio del Toro said:

First of all, the protesters hadn’t seen the movie. They were protesting Che, or Fidel Castro, or Cuba, or the revolution. But they hadn’t seen the movie, you know. That was strange for me. I understand [the protests], but at least see the movie.

Que clase de come mierda. With all due apologies to our boricua friends, del Toro isn’t doing you guys any favors with regards to, you know, the reputation. To answer the socotroco del Toro, maybe Cubans don’t need to see on the big screen the image of the man whose handiwork they witnessed first hand.

6 thoughts on “The del Toro idiocy continues…”

  1. del Topo doesn’t know that most cubans watched the real movie,and a lot of them were killed without trials in the real movie..??
    del Topo doesn’t know that the ones protesting didn’t need to see the movie,’cause they survive the real movie..???

  2. Well, I actually sat through the goddamm thing–as a professional duty. What a complete pile of crap both with regards to the historical regard, as dramtically….Geeeesh!! Fortunately it looks like U.S. audiences (and even the Academy!)aren’t buying.

  3. Apparently, he should have thought that the protesters didn’t need to see the movie as they experienced first hand Che’s atrocities.

  4. “First of all, the protesters hadn’t seen the movie.”
    AND it seems as if Mr. del Toro has ready nary a page on the life’s work of Guevara – or spoken to a single Cuban about his bloody history.
    Touche, del Toro, touche.

  5. The more photos I see of this guy, the more I’m convinced he’s not all there. Maybe it’s drugs, maybe he’s just really dense. Whatever, he’s pitiful.

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