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According to our local supplier of fish wrap, birdcage liner, and occasionally news, the Miami Herald reports that a new poll will be released today that indicates that the majority of Cuban-Americans support the embargo against Cuba’s totalitarian dictatorship and the travel restrictions imposed by the Bush administration in 2004. The results of this poll are opposite the results of an FIU/Brookings Institute poll released in December of last year, which indicated a supposed relaxing of the hard-line stance the exile community historically held against the Castro dictatorship.
The Herald, not wanting to lose out on all the fish wrap and birdcage lining business it has picked up in the past few years, immediately made sure to devote a large portion of the article to call into question the way the poll was conducted, and to describe the organization that commissioned the poll, the Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy, as a group that “lobbies the U.S. Congress to maintain the embargo.” Of course, the Herald never mentioned the leftist leanings of the Brookings Institute when it reported on their poll back in December, but what else would you expect from a newspaper that caters to the racist, Cuban-exile hating element in South Florida?
The most humorous part of the Herald article, however, is when they quote Hugh Gladwin, the director of the FIU group that conducted the poll back in December, raising concerns over the way the questions in the polls were asked:

The embargo question posed was: “Do you support or oppose the current U.S. policy of maintaining the trade and tourism embargo on the Cuban regime until the Castro regime releases all political prisoners, respects basic human rights and schedules free elections?”
Said Gladwin: “I’m not Cuban, but if asked that question, I would answer no, because to answer yes is to imply you oppose democracy in Cuba.”

I know the obvious is really not that obvious to the Herald and its loyal readers, but that is the current US policy, is it not? They can try to portray this question as a “when did you stop beating your wife” type of question, but when you actually beat your wife, and everyone knows you beat your wife, then the question is not that misleading. In reality, to pose that question without mentioning the facts would be the only way to make it misleading.
But that is neither the Herald’s concern, nor does it really care about the obvious. In today’s tough economic times, the Herald needs all the business it can get, and if they can sell a few more papers to fisheries and pet shops, they’re going to do it.

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  1. Is there any other media,magazine,newspaper,radio station in Miami able to also make polls,i mean,real polls about this topic..??
    The “Herald’s polls” need a counterattack with other polls showing the real feeling of the cubans living in south Florida.

  2. This is not an official “Herald” poll, Tony, and they’re not trying to pass it off as one. They are just reporting on it, although quite badly and irresponsibly. But that is the Herald’s job nowadays–they don’t want to lose all those Cuban-exile hating readers they have because without them, they have no readers left.
    No matter who conducts the poll, outlets like the Herald will call into question results they don’t agree with, and results they do agree with, they’ll pass off as fact.

  3. Alberto,
    In other words Hugh Gladwin and the Miami Herald are basically saying that they can ask leading questions, but if an opposing group asks a straight forward question that undermines their manipulated poll and sets the record straight, that’s wrong. How nice that the Miami Herald and the Brookings Institute put scientific rigger ahead of political considerations. Can the Miami Herald fall any lower?

  4. Wording is important. That’s why so much money is spent on legal battles about the ballot wording for referendums like amendments to the state constitution.
    I can tell you that for scientific purposes the question in question is leading. But it also shows that when asked a certain way, people are willing to keep the current policy. In other words, nobody can say with clear cut accuracy that Cubans are massively against the embargo. When considering it in light of the lack of basic progress in Cuba, they don’t want to make concessions.

  5. Alberto,i’ve got the message,but,instead of being bombarded every once in a while only with “polls” from the Herald or others lefties outlets,what about the real polls that can be done by balanced outlets and media in general about our reality,and publicize them in every way possible,so those “Herald’s polls” can be counterbalanced and compare with ours,or the real ones..

  6. Henry:
    Technically speaking, the question used by this poll may not pass muster, but how else do you ask such a question? It is not a simple A or B question, like the FIU/Brookings poll used. I agree that these type of questions might lead someone in a certain direction, but the question itself is not misleading anyone into thinking something that is not true.
    The issue, unfortunately, is too complicated to judge the public’s feeling towards it by using simple questions.
    We can commission all the polls we want, but the MSM will either not cover them, or they’ll tear them apart as the Herald did with this poll. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do what you’re suggesting, but we should understand that it’s an uphill battle.

  7. Alberto,thanks for your answers,and you are right,it’s an uphill battle,but,hey..the lefties have the media,but not the world wide web.
    There are a lot of cuban sites,blogs,etc,and some of them with top quality.We can do polls,and at least,create a “balance”,or doubts for any person that gets info from the “media” or froom internet.
    It’s just an idea.

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