4 thoughts on “The religion of peace…”

  1. So you have one person claiming to be a Muslim who commits despicable acts; therefore the whole religion is responsible. It certainly isn’t the case that the woman is a nutcase and also happens to be Muslim. I don’t remember this same treatment during the Kansas City bombings or the Unabomber era. When either of you have ever met a Muslim, let me know how radical and evil they were. Whatever the theology may be, there is just as much variability in zealotry within Islam as there is within Christianity. For instance, the impression I have of Iranians so far in my life is of party-animal girls with tons of boyfriends and a carefree attitude towards religion. Admittedly, there is a much more evil and violent Muslim extremist movement right now than there are Christian crusaders, but either religion, theologically speaking, provides more than enough material in its holy texts for a crusade.

  2. Eddy,
    do a search in the sidebar for “religion of peace” and you’ll find numerous examples of muslim barbarism. Do you know who Daniel Pearl was? C’mon dude you can’t still seriously believe that muslim leaders aren’t teaching violence against infidels can you? What will it take? When you get your hand cut off for shoplifting? Or when your mom has to don a burkha?

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