We’ve come a long way, nene…

Since we unveiled Babalu v2.0 today and have been thinking about how this all started, I think it’s important to note that just a few years ago, we were basically the only blog dedicated to Cuba and Cuban issues. Yet today, the Cuban blogging community family, like the typical real life Cuban family, has grown and can be found all over the world.A glimpse at the Cubiche blogroll there on the sidebar proves as much.

Yet most important, however, is that today we have blogging voices bravely expressing their thoughts and opinions from within the island prison itself. With Yoani Sanchez steadfastly and courageously leading the way, other Cuban bloggers are popping up from Cuba like flowers in a meadow.

Despite perhaps having different opinions on certain issues, it’s our duty and privilege to support our Cuban blogging family in Cuba.  Check out Yoani’s blogroll, read the linked blogs, and support brave blogging endeavors like Voces Cubanas.

We  may be in the dead of winter, but it is most definitely Spring for Cuba’s bloggers. Let’s give them all the sunlight they need to grow.

2 thoughts on “We’ve come a long way, nene…”

  1. Geez! I don’t check in on ya for a day and you guys rearrange the furniture!

    Nice digs, guys.

    And keep up the great work George, Val, Henry, Mike and all!


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