7 thoughts on “The First Amendment”

  1. Wait a second! Where’s the part that compels bloggers to accept unwanted inbound links? Clearly this can’t be the same constitution that Mr. Limpet lives under. Better get Pelosi on the phone we need to change it before he blows a gasket.

  2. Henry, I think you’re referring to the LIMPET BLOG POLICING AND ADMINISTRATION ACT of 2009 that’s buried in H.R. 1 along with socialized medicine and travel to Cuba.

  3. And for those buttmunches out there who don’t know the constitution from a piece of toilet paper, the 1st amendment and the bill of rights applies to the states via the 14th Amendment.

    But it does not apply to private entities. I’m sure Limpet is one of the first wanks out there to promulgate the fairness doctrine and that it be mandated on the net and blogs too.

  4. I held my breath and visited Limpet’s site for the first time in God-knows-when, and didn’t see what’s behind this post. Just saw a few typically pathetic posts about Republicans being racist (“it’s who we are”) and complaints about Puerto Rican Google results defaulting to Spanish. I know, I know…shocking that a place such as Puerto Rico would have Spanish as their default language. But hey, what else can we expect from that site? All in all, a good reminder of why I don’t waste my time visiting that site and reading that stupid drivel anymore.

    On the (very) good side, I found out that my inactive blog was removed from the holy South Florida blogroll. Yes!!!

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