6 thoughts on “The religion of peace”

  1. Pretty revolting stuff.

    Still, Henry, I would be weary of typecasting all Muslims as condoning this or being non-peaceful (as your title sarcastically suggests). Saudi Arabia is run by a few families, and I’m sure that this decision would not be condoned by a very large majority of Islam.

    It was no long ago that Christianity and Catholicism were committing similar atrocities at the hands of despotic families. Does that make those religions intrinsically non-peaceful as well?

  2. Daniel, do a search for “religion of peace” in the sidebar. You’ll find dozens of similarly entitled posts with similarly horrible examples. Maybe we should flood the middle east with tourists. That’ll do it!

  3. Oh and daniel your argument falls a little flat when you have to go back centuries to make it. Besides who told you I was christian or catholic? I’m an american I am a liberal in the classic sense of the word. And by that measure islam is barbaric.

  4. Henry, take off your gloves for a second, I have neither a beard nor a Che poster in my room.

    To your first post: I have followed your blog for quite some time, I know that you are no big fan of Islam. I am no big fan of religion in general, but given the fact that religion is not going anywhere, a certain amount of tolerance should probably ensue. Also, see my other post: I do not advocate a tourism-change model.

    To your second post: I did not suggest you were either of the aforementioned denominations, but it seems odd to solely target Islam if you are against barbarism. I don’t think my argument falls flat whatsoever. I was simply saying, if you compare the acts that Islam is doing now at its current age to the acts that Christianity was doing at the same age, there are great similarities.

    However, if you are in fact no big fan of religion in general, my argument is simply that Islam is not going anywhere, so we have to facilitate its peaceful transition with the western world. Many Muslims have began this process, and many more are in the dark ages. I am all for being angry with religious fanaticism, but let’s target those we are actually angry with, and not polarize those who are on our side.

  5. I tolerate everyone’s beliefs. I don’t tolerate everyone’s actions. The vast majority of muslims aren’t beheading westerners but they don’t speak out against it. Either because of cowardice or because they assent to the behavior. Either way doesn’t matter to me.

    There are people here in the free western world who REFUSE to see the world for how it actually is. I’m not big into moral relativism. Just because Christians committed atrocities against muslims centuries ago doesn’t justify the violence these extremists peddle today.

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