12 thoughts on “Hook, line and sinker”

  1. To those of you who remarked in my post of yesterday that the Cuban people are “alone.”

    Truer words have almost never been spoken.

    This is an example of just how low mankind has fallen. We are a band of greedy, hateful wretches.

    I am ashamed of our species.

  2. Wow – when will the GA president be scheduling his execution? Will it be done by a UN security guard or by a fellow member nation’s representative? I mean, he obviously enjoys wanton killing. If he advocates it for the masses, I guess he’ll want to be first in line. Do you think he prefers a bullet or rope?


  3. Let’s get out of the U.N. or at least let’s get the U.N. out of the U.S. I recommend Cuba, but not in the tourist area; in the poor neighborhoods. Let this world body live like Cubans and get the same health care and rights of ordinary Cubans.

  4. I think is about time the USA stops all funding for the UN until they get their act together.

    If they don’t, close the headquarters and throw their asses out of NYC.

    This would be one more way of saving on pork spending.

  5. He’s from Nicaragua and served as the Marxist Sandinista’s Foreign Minister during their dictatorship under Daniel Ortega. He’s human waste. I wonder, is there much difference between him and a scumbag like Jose Serrano? Not much, I say, except that D’Escoto doesn’t hide his political depravity.

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