Oscar’s Cuba

Jordan Allot, a man with a passion for a free Cuba, recently visited the island.  Not to vacation, but to film dissident testimony for a very powerful documentary, “Oscars Cuba.”  

The films premise:

“Oscar’s Cuba is a feature-length documentary video that will help spread the message and story of Dr. Oscar Biscet, a prisoner of conscience currently serving a 25-year prison sentence in Cuba for his promotion of human rights. Oscar’s Cuba will highlight the courage, faith and hope of Dr. Biscet and others working for democracy on the island. The goals of Oscar’s Cuba include raising public awareness about the plight of the Cuban people, helping individuals to stand and work in solidarity with those unjustly imprisoned and, ultimately, helping to secure the release of Dr. Biscet and all of Cuba’s prisoners of conscience.”

The film maker on what drives the passion for his work:

“My focus, through the documentary project I am working on, as well as the writing projects I am involved with, is to help engage those individuals not of Cuban background to understand the plight of Cubans, the courage of the many political prisoners there and the fight for freedom and democracy that is far from over. I stand in solidarity with all those Cuban-Americans and others fighting for justice. I truly believe that once people hear the truth about the situation in Cuba they will understand the responsibility they have to help bring about a free and democratic Cuba.”

We know the kinds of Cuba themed films Hollywood produces, so it goes without saying that no studio is funding Jordan’s work.  Follow the link below, and watch the 13-minute sneak peek of the documentary and see for yourself the powerful artistry of Oscar’s Cuba.  I’m confident that you’ll agree that this documentary is important, and that you will want to join the effort to see the film completed.

Watch the video and read more about the project by clicking here.

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  1. Ziva, we should consider doing a campaign in the summer that ties into this film. Either one of Henry’s PR campaigns or perhaps a more subversive poster/street art campaign with the image of Biscet, his website and the website for this film. Just a thought. –s

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