Was Henrietta Hughes Homeless on Purpose? (UPDATE)

Remember Henrietta Hughes, the lady who attended President Obama’s rally in Fort Myers, FL on Tuesday? She cried to Obama during the rally that she was living out of her car and had no one helping her out. In typical Messiah fashion, no sooner did she mention this that she ends up getting a place to call home – rent free  – in the nearby town of LaBelle, courtesy of  Florida State Representative Nick Thompson’s wife, Chene.

The story sounded a little fishy at first. I mean, the lady cries to the President of the United States, and voila, here comes a home falling from the sky?  What about other people who are equally in need but are still homeless. Who helps them? When will their home fall from the sky?

Well, it appears that this may not be what it seems. WINK-TV in Fort Myers is reporting that Ms. Hughes may not be telling the entire story.

Hughes told President Obama on Tuesday she’s been living in a car and she can’t get any help. But WINK News found an agency who says they offered Hughes an apartment not even three weeks ago.

We’re indeed living in strange and different times, folks.

UPDATE 1137 AM 2/13: Drudge links to updated WINK article which has Ms. Hughes sticking to her side of the story:

WINK News Reporter Nick Spinetto went back to talk to Tanya Johnson and she stands by her story.

Henrietta Hughes says she’s never taken advantage of the system and doesn’t choose to be homeless. Like other programs she’s tried to get help from,she says We Care couldn’t meet her needs.

State Representative Nick Thompson and his wife Chene are standing by the Henrietta and her son, Corey. They spoke out against the allegations Henrietta is milking the system, even when confronted with the fact WINK News found out the Hughes’ sold property, back in 2005. Henrietta and her son sold the land for $47,000 dollars. But Chene Thompson says that was all the money they had for several years and it’s gone.

“They have nothing today. They need help today. They didn’t need help in 2005. They need help today. So whether they had $47,000 or $147,000 in 2005, it doesn’t matter. They don’t have any money today,” she said.

The Thompson’s say they are sad Henrietta has to defend herself against these allegations and they will continue to help her. They also hope it doesn’t deter other people from helping.

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  1. Robert,

    We’re living in bullshit times and the Master Bullshitter in Chief is leading the charge.

    My God, is going to be some very long and interesting four years.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how Obama stacks up in terms of bullshit. Bush controlled and manipulated the media coverage of an entire war – this is only a sad woman and an apartment. This was a relatively small incident, but he’s new and he’s got time. No more than 1435 days, God willing, but he’s got a great team and the stimulus package is a strong opening move in the bullshit wars.

  3. Um, no, I’m not. NY Times admitted it. Tim Russert testified to it. Bob Woodward wrote a book about it. Nothing but press releases re-written to resemble journalism for the first 5 years of the war.

  4. Matt you got to be fucking kidding me!

    Bush manipulated the media?

    Come on…give me fucking break.

    NY, Tim Russert and Bob Woodward. What an outstanding trio….

    Trying to prove your points with this group is a farce on your part.

    How Bush could manipulate the media coverage when the most of the media is liberal (including those 3 you mentioned) were totally against Bush during his whole presidency (beginning with the vote recount in Florida) and all the media did during the Bush administration was to attack him from every angle?

    Bush manipulated the media? Come on….please don’t insult our intelligence.

    How come all we heard from these same media was negative reports about the Iraq war while we never or rarely heard (except from Fox News) the positive news that were taking place there during the same time?

    Manipulating the media is what you see now the way Obama has gotten a free pass from his presidential campaign to the current events taking now.

    Please give us break here, you’re not going to sway anyone with that bullshit argument.

  5. The whole concept of a liberal media is a farce. Do you think ClearChannel, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc… are run by a bunch of liberals? Do you seriously believe that there is such an animal as a liberal mega-corporation?

    What we were told about the war was what the Pentagon told the media. What we saw of the war was what the Pentagon allowed us to see – all those so-called “embedded journalists” were nothing but shills sending us reports from carefully prepared areas and showing us carefully scripted pieces of the action. This is not a secret any more, and it’s not disputed by any of the parties involved.

  6. The whole concept of a liberal media is a farce. Do you think ClearChannel, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc… are run by a bunch of liberals? Do you seriously believe that there is such an animal as a liberal mega-corporation?

    Of yes I do, and for the last 36 years that I lived in America (even before the advent of CNN) I’ve seen plenty of evidence to back-up my claim.

  7. Matt: that the mainstream media outlets you describe are comprised mainly of liberals is beyond discussion. We’re not talking about who “runs them”. It’s who works for them. There’s plenty of evidence to support the simple fact that most journalists lean left. NBC, especially. Please.

    Regarding the media’s Bush-slanted covering of the war, let me ask you this: don’t you think it’s perfectly reasonable AND beneficial for the safety of journalists, our troops, AND our national security that the Pentagon set some parameters regarding locations where journalists could work out of while covering the war?

    Lastly, it appeared that the NY Times (almost 2 straight months of front page coverage) and most other media strayed far from the Bush plantation when covering Abu-Gharib. Not exactly government-fed coverage of that sad incident if you ask me.

  8. There is always a reason. The safety of our troops, national security, whatever. But why not say “we can’t show you this because it would endanger our troops”, rather than try to pass what they gave us off as news?

  9. But why not say “we can’t show you this because it would endanger our troops”, rather than try to pass what they gave us off as news?

    They did say that. Numerous times. Do you think I just pulled this out of thin air? Also, you didn’t respond to my Abu-Gharib comment. Guess it sort up breaks up your Bush-manipulation-of-media-theory, eh?

  10. No, what they said was that they were allowing unprecedented access to the media so we could see what was really going on in Iraq. They didn’t say that it was just a more sophisticated and collaborative version of what went on in Viet Nam.

    As for Abu Grahib, what bad press? Endless hours talking about that one girl while the fact that no high ranking officer (or the SecDef who approved the cutbacks which led to the situation) were ever held accountable for placing our troops in unnecessary danger? Let me be clear here – I don’t give a shit how badly the prisoners were treated. What I care about is the way the guards were treated by our military.

  11. I guess we should just ignore the NY Times and their almost continuous 2 month front-page coverage of Abu-Gharib which by all accounts was pretty harsh in its criticism of the Bush administration. Nothing to see here…please move on.

  12. They were highly critical of the treatment of prisoners, which was the sideshow used to distract our attention from the real issue. We were shown what they wanted us to see.

  13. Matt; You must’ve been on another planet for the past 8 years. Gee-friggin-wiz man, what a pathetic defense of the indefensable – the hardcore liberal dominated MSM. If Bush had truly manipulated the media we would currently have a Republican dominated Congress with John McCain as our President! No, if, ands, or buts!! “Bush manipulated the media” – what an incredibly ignorant comment.

  14. Matt, go take your meds. You’ll feel better.

    If you still doubt me, then do a google search on “Guess the Party” games.

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