Too bad Cuba had a Batista instead of a Pinochet in 1958

Please note:  The following blasphemies do not reflect on the owners and contributors to this fine site. They are unapoligetically those of Humberto Fontova.

“By the time of Pinochet’s coup, an estimated 31,000 Cuban, Soviet bloc, and communist operatives infested Chile, including Castro’s top terrorist spymasters, Antonio De La Guardia and his (nominal) boss Manuel “Barbarroja” Pineiro. Among the hundreds of Soviet personnel were KGB luminaries, Viktor Efremov, Vasili Stepanov, and Nikolai Kotchanov.

The Chilean military had kept scrupulously to their barracks through several leftist (democratic socialist) regimes. But they recognized Allende’s regime as a completely different animal.

Pinochet himself, while instructor at Chile’s military academy, had specialized in “geopolitics.” So what Brezhnev, Castro, and their Chilean proxies had lined up for his nation must have struck him as obvious. In light of the proceedings in Poland’s Katyn Forest in 1940 and those in Cuba’s La Cabana prison in 1959, the prospects for the Chilean military must have struck him as equally obvious.

While “conservative” pundits have been lauding Chile’s post-Allende economic and political character, a scrupulously democratic government and the most free (hence) most prosperous economy in Latin America, there’s been much hand-wringing and pussyfooting by these “conservative” pundits about the brutal (but unavoidable) advance work that made it all possible.

Sure, it’s nice to have their effete luxury from a cushy media pulpit in 2006. But in September of 1973, Pinochet’s men weren’t out to score debating points on some fatuous think-tank panel or win applause on some asinine chat show.

They knew their nation was looking up the locked and loaded muzzle of a Stalinist takeover.

So they marched into the Chilean “OK Corral” loaded for (Soviet) bear. That they managed the messy business with 3,000 dead, including all collateral damage, will amaze anyone fully informed of what they went up against.

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