2 thoughts on “Ugh….”

  1. It doesn’t matter if the photo is fake, doctored, or taken with a double for the tyrant. She went along with it, and she’s fully responsible for it, along with this entire visit to Cuba to foster “cooperation”, trade agreements, and favorable PR for a horrendous dictatorship that has lasted half a century.

    Her trip includes a ceremonial visit to a monument to Salvador Allende in Havana, the opening of a book fair dedicated to Chile in the infamous La Cabaña (the site of hundreds of summary firing squad executions of Castro opponents), and a meeting with Cardinal Ortega. It does not include meeting with dissidents, despite explicit requests from them to meet her, but that’s a moot point. Even if she went through the motions of seeing dissidents, it would only be a token gesture (as it usually is). Everything about this trip indicates she doesn’t care about human rights in Cuba.

    In a sense, she’s worse than Chavez, grotesque thug that he is, because he doesn’t pretend to be otherwise–he’s not putting on a Dalai Lama act. She’s worse than Argentina’s Kirchner, who’s a ridiculous model wannabe clearly out of her depth and impossible to take seriously. Bachelet presumes to far more gravitas than they do, trading heavily on her personal/family history, not to mention the fact that, unlike so many Latin “leaders,” she looks the part.

    She has now lost all credibility, respectability and honor, if she ever really had any. There is no possible excuse for this, especially not for a professional victim and human rights “icon.” Chile hardly needs Cuba, anyway. There is nothing she can say to justify or explain this away. She is beneath contempt: a pious hypocrite, a two-faced, self-righteous, holier-than-thou FRAUD.

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