A Valentine’s Day Gift From My Mom

An interesting thing happened to me today. As I usually do every weekend, I was at my mom’s house, going through things, organizing and throwing away the tons of paper she accumulated over the years. My mom kept junk mail from years ago — that should tell you something.

I started going through one of the boxes of papers and receipts. I’ve gone through dozens in the last few months.  There were lots of Xmas cards and copies of sheet music and what not.

Then I came across a bank pouch.  You know it’s old as it says “First Union” on it.   Then written on the pouch in pen, by my mom, was the following:

“To Michael,   Love Letters – Maurice & Olga. They are beautiful. Don’t throw away these letters.  Mom.”

And inside the pouch were all the love letters my parents sent to each other before they got married. Letters from 1959-1961. Some of them typed. Some of them handwritten. Many on hotel stationary.  Some on stationary. Some on pages from note pads. Full length letters. Drawings.  The type of letters one would never imagine their parents would have written. To us they’re just parents.  These are letters from two people in love who would end up staying together until their last days on Earth.   Last December 27, my parents were reunited in Heaven after a 14  year absence.

It blew me away that I would find this on this day and that my mom would have written me that note knowing that one day I would be going through all these boxes telling me that these letters are not trash.  They are a window into the hearts of two people that I simply knew as my mom and dad.  That my mom would keep these letters all her life tells me something about what true love is.

I hope each and everyone of you can one day find that one true love. And if you’ve found it, treasure it.  And if you have love letters or other things between you,  save them. Perhaps one day when you are gone,  your kids will find a treasure in an old box like I did today.

Have a great Weekend folks.

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