Bachelet’s prestige is eroding by the minute

It seems that shortly after President Michelle  Bachelet of Chile visited Cuba’s dictator emeritus that a column attributed to castro was published in which he sides with Bolivia in a land claim against Chile that goes back more than 100 years.  

Close observers of castro, inc. should not be surprised because the regime will criticize any democracy even one that ostensibly supports it.  Canada is Cuba’s largest source of tourism but that didn’t stop the castroite mafia spokespersons in the U.N. from condemning that country for “human rights abuses”.  

Now Bachelet has egg on her face.  She knelt down and paid homage to a despot and he pissed all over her head.

2 thoughts on “Bachelet’s prestige is eroding by the minute”

  1. Did anyone notice that the anti-American Fidel Castro is for the first time wearing American-made Nike pants when meeting with Bachelet?
    Castro had previously only worn the British-made Adidas track outfits. Did someone humiliate the senile dictator by providing imperialism pants? Castro obviously doesn’t even know what he is wearing. There was no sound recording of the Bachelet meeting, nor has Castro spoken on TV since October 2007.

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