True liberalism

You know we’ve had an ongoing discussion about classic liberalism and those who espouse it as opposed to what Democrats have become in America.  I truly respect intellectually honest liberals.  Camille Paglia is one of these who I respect more and more every day.  You’ll remember that she was outspoken in defending Sarah Palin and quick to point out the double standard with which she was judged.  Well now she’s speaking out against her fellow Democrats who advocate for the fairness doctrine.  Great interview in which she acknowledges that liberals control the vast majority of media in this country and that talk radio is a meritocracy where conservatism rules because millions of Americans don’t see their views reflected in the greater media.  

H/T Hot Air

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  1. Her Salon column (every second Wednesday) is a must-read: unpredictable and infuriating, written with energy.

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