Remembering Cuba’s True Heroes

Myriam Marquez hits another one out of the park with this column.

A historical snippet from a Cuban government website on anti-communist guajiros, God-loving country folks fighting Fidel Castro’s men in the Escambray mountains:

March 28, 1964 — Thanks to [the] effective work of Cuban State Security Agent Alberto Delgado, bandits Julio Emilio Carretero and Zoila Aguila ”La Niña de Placetas” (the Placetas girl) were both captured.


The victorious get to rewrite history, turning truth to lie.

Zoila Aguila Almeida was no bandit. But the regime took from her a husband — killed by firing squad — and two baby daughters. The girls are believed to have died hungry and thirsty in the hills where their parents valiantly tried to restore the democratic dream denied their generation.

Aguila was a dreamer in a violent place and time.

She took up arms against dictator Fulgencio Batista in the 1950s. She had to do it all over again when Fidel Castro’s revolution proved to be a communist sham that would quash all creativity and initiative as evil bourgeois excesses.

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