It’s Goodnight for Good-Time Charlie

Charlie Crist, in supporting the Porkulus while other GOP governors are refusing to take the money, is showing that he no longer desires the support of conservatives in his party.  I had been pretty happy with Crist’s tenure thus far but now is the time for the real conservatives to really stand-up.  By taking a handout from the federal government (that’s your wallet and mine) he’s simply saying that he doesn’t really mind tax hikes as long as he doesn’t have to take the blame for them.  

Federal money always has strings attached and the pervasive use of it to bribe states into doing certain things erodes our republican form of government.  Imagine if Obama/Pelosi/Reid decide that stimulus money should only go to states that have certain policies.  It’s happened before.  The reason every state has a drinking age of 21 is because it was a requirement to receive federal highway funds.

4 thoughts on “It’s Goodnight for Good-Time Charlie”

  1. Charlie has been a hater from day one – you’re more conservative than me so I can’t believe you tolerated his sorry ass. Don’t worry when one of his exes from hanging out in Lauderdale finally decides to sell out he will be done. Yes the rumors are true and for the life of me considering his lack of discretion I can’t believe no one has called him out for it yet.

  2. he sold his soul long before, back stabbing Jeb and his agenda. As for his private life ultimately it matters only because he lied about it and it will embarass the state, the office and the party. If he would have been open I wouldn’t give three hoots…but he never would have become governor cuz no Republican outside of S. Florida would have voted for him.

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