She still dyes her hair and wears makeup every day.
She only wears her glasses for reading because she’s a little vain about her looks.
She remembers everyone’s birthday.
If you’re sick, she’ll call you every day until you report that you are well.
She saves every card she’s ever received from every birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas and works diligently to get them pasted into her latest scrapbook.
She remembers the names of the grandchildren of her next door neighbors from 20 years ago.
She hates missing stuff.
She still wears heels when she dresses up.
She’s still very bossy. (the acorn does not fall far…)
She still likes juicy bits of gossip.
She still reads voraciously, sometimes juggling 3 or 4 books at a time.
She has never missed a World Series.
She has voted in every presidential election since she became an American citizen in 1974.
She has an amazing memory.
We got her a fur coat for Christmas because she really wanted one. Now she wants us to take her places where she can wear it so she can show it off.
She thinks all of her sixteen grandchildren are nice looking, but if pressed she’ll tell you (with a wink) that her own six children are much better looking.
She knows about blogging and the internets, but refers to Google and Yahoo as “Cuco and Yayo.” (Isn’t that deliciously Cuban??)

Today my mom, Luz Verdés y Perez-Puelles celebrates her 95th birthday.

I am truly grateful and blessed to have been raised by this amazing person. She is the life-force of my big, fat, Cuban family.

(The party is at my house next weekend.  She thinks she might like to try Karaoke…..)

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