8 thoughts on “Protest the castro regime in NYC this Sunday”

  1. For those of us familiar with NYC, a protest in front of the Cuban Mission on a Sunday is extremely, extremely ineffectual. Although there are residential buildings in the vicinity 38th and Lexington Avenue where the Cuban Mission to the U.N. is located, it is mostly dead on weekends. On weekdays, it’s a different story. After all, it is just a few blocks away from Grand Central Station–where millions of people coming to and from work converge– and there are tens of thousands of business people in the area on weekdays.

    What a waste of energy and resources. I wonder if the organizer of this protest thought this out?

  2. Rayarena,

    I think that’s an excellent point. You should contact Alexis, the organizer, directly, at the link provided in the post. There will be more protests coming to New York in the near future – I am told;)



  3. Rayarena, you’re right. Neither the day nor the location is ideal for being seen firsthand by thousands of commuters. But many of us protesters have jobs which would make it difficult to attend a rally in the middle of a weekday and some of us are even travelling from other cities to do so. As for the location, you’ll need to take that up with the Castro regime. Let’s keep the focus on getting the word out so as many people as possible show up!

  4. It is beyond me why we don’t hear anyone talking about the ONE MEASURE that IF TAKEN would bring about the end of tyranny in Cuba. No big thinkers talk about it, no politicians, no Castro haters…NOONE. It’s beyond me.
    Here it is: THE ABOLISHMENT OF THE CUBAN ADJUSTMENT ACT. The political pressure inside Cuba would reach the boiling point in just months once everyone knew that the only way to improve their situation would be to fight the regime. The cuban government makes life difficult because they WANT Cubans to leave and the later send remittances to their family members. The government would be forced, for the first freaking time ever, to improve the living conditions of the citizenry because the escape valve would have been sealed. The U.S. government could sell the abolishment of the Cuban Adjustment Act by saying that all we want to do is eliminate the human trafficking and providing a safer, more orderly way for Cubans to migrate to the U.S. while in reality only granting entry into the U.S. to those who qualify for political asylum. Yes, in order to migrate to the U.S. a person would have to fight against the tyranny and prove that they have suffered from political persecution in order to be granted asylum.
    Within five years I guarantee you that Cuba would be free!!!
    That’s the ticket ladies and gents!!!

  5. tvdude…AMEN!!! I’ve been saying that for ages.

    Jorge – you reminded me of P.J. O’Rourke in his break out book “Parliament of Whores” – there’s a huge protest about some leftist cause or other and he asks a friend “why can’t we do stuff like that?” His friend replies with – “We have jobs.”

    Ok so the day isn’t the best but it also provides us with an opportunity to get more people to the protest and yes since weekends are slow news days it will be easier to get more time on TV and print…although being NYC good luck with that.

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