8 thoughts on “Sham-wow!”

  1. With only a month in charge and look at the mess already created.

    And to think that we have four more years to put up with this bullshit ShamWow act.

    God only knows how we’ll be four years from now.

  2. Real Americans respect the President, even if they disagree with him.

    And people should be realistic, it’ll take longer than a month to remedy the mess Bush left after 8 years.

  3. Raul,

    for 8 years we were told that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Does that change now that your guy is in the WH? And respect, do you mean we should shower Obama with same kind of respect Bush got from the left? Like calling him a Nazi, an idiot, a war-monger, etc.

  4. Raul,

    I second Henry on his comments.

    I give President Obama the same respect that your liberals gave George W. Bush during his eight years in office.

    I actually will give Obama much less respect (whether you like a or not I could care less) that your guys gave George W. Bush.

    Why? Because Obama is only a month in power and look the mess he’s already creating. Plus all the campaign promises he has already broken, and all that bullshit talk about an honest and clean administration that he’s stocked-up with tainted individuals.

    Please give me a fucking break if you think for a minute that I’m going to respect someone like that.

    The only thing Obama surely knows how to do besides bullshit his ass-off to the American people is to screw-up very fast with his decisions. And a President like that I cannot and I will not, respect at all.

    And by the way go and rub that real American bullshit of yours on another’s face not ours you aren’t no more American than any of us here at this blog.

  5. Hey, sorry so late to reply to this, I only now found this post.

    I’m the artist who did the Obama Shamwow photoshop and I just want to let you know how cool it is that it’s been published here at babalú, one of my favorite blogs for many years. Thanks Henry – it’s an honor.

    Jorge – I see I’m not the only one who independently noticed the, uhh, similarities!

    Raul – First, I made this image right after Obama made his remarks to Joe the Plumber, before the election, so any “disrespect” anyone could wring out of it would be for a presidential candidate, not the President.

    Second, since when is it disrespectful, or a sign of not being a “Real American,” to humorously express disagreement with a proposed public policy and the politician advancing it? It’s a political cartoon with Obama as a slick infomercial pitchman, pushing a questionable product. A personal attack might be disrespectful, but a policy attack like this one? Fair game.

    As you may have noticed, all public officials are subject to getting lampooned. Is Obama somehow exempt? Some people may think so but I certainly don’t. And just for some added entertainment, neither is Chuck Schumer!

    Once again, thanks for the post and keep up the good work here at babalú.

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