Post the Constitution — pay the $500 fine!

You have to marvel at the mental disconnect these local politicians have to fine someone $500 a day for posting the Constitution on the wall of his business. I’ll bet money they’re all compassionate, tolerant liberals…

6 thoughts on “Post the Constitution — pay the $500 fine!”

  1. Yeah, because it’s always those pesky liberals and not rich elites trying to preserve traditional lifestyles that pass onerous local ordinances (can anyone say Coral Gables?). Also, it seems that the ACLU is defending the guy who posted the pictures and the constitution – so much for them being conniving socialists trying to indoctrinate the country…

  2. Eddy Gonzalez:

    Interesting logic you’ve employed here: you cite one example of the ACLU doing the right thing and that, automatically, undoes all of the other, hyper-liberal things they’ve been doing since their founding in the 30s as an avowed socialist organization.

    Christ, liberals (that’d be you, Eddy) aren’t very intelligent, are they?

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