Apartheid’s Superb Healthcare

According to UNICEF statistics, infant-mortality rates for South African blacks were much lower and life-expectancy rates much higher, during the Apartheid regime than afterwards. Yet we have yet to find a single reference to Apartheid in the world’s media, academic and political circles that includes the same “objectivity” these circles employ when discussing Cuba. We have yet to run across: “True, South African blacks could not vote and many were jailed for political offenses— but by golly that segregationist regime sure achieved great gains in healthcare! And they somehow maintained those health achievements—the absolute best on the entire African continent!—while suffering a cruel embargo imposed upon them by most of the world!”

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  1. No doubt this will be corrected as soon as the new South African regime receives Castro’s delegation of medical record and government health statistics experts, the finest part of Communist Cuba’s wondrous medical system.

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