3 thoughts on “And for the rest of us, too, thanks to you”

  1. Here’s a couple of telling statements from Obama’s speech: (1) his policies were “closing the gap between the nation we are and the nation we can be.” and (2) The new administration had done “more in these past 30 days to bring about progressive change than we have in the past many years,” Again, as Rush said last night, Obama’s ultimate aim is to radically transform this country (to its detriment), so why should we wish him well? Screw him!

  2. The attendees at that Greekfest convention all looked like hogs at the trough. Fat, slovenly, in need of haircuts, old hippies who just never grew up.

    Now they’re stuck. Fulla dope, outa shape, afraid of guns, afraid of their own bloated shadow, they bank their hopes on false promises of more pie for their holes.

    Now it’s the blacks who supposedly are in for rough times, so sez this ‘Napoleon in Diapers’, as someone called him over at American Thinker?

    Does this Napoleon in Diapers have anything else to say besides, “I want therefore you give it to me”, as he did with that commie porkulus bill, and his endless variations on a theme of “The Sky is Falling”?

    “Crisis….crisis…crisis….crisis”, is the montage of him the Hannity plays to show just how this guy is all about growing communism by pimping endless tales of fear, doom, and gloom to anyone who’ll believe him.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    01 March, 2009

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