Cuba’s vaunted healthcare system exposed

From TalkingCuba:

The hearse led a procession through the streets of a Cuban town then out into the countryside. It was converted from a 1980’s era Chevy S-10 blazer, a rare model to be found in Cuba where nearly all American-made cars predate the 1959 revolution. But a few foreign embassies and consulates imported cars for their own use, and sold them to Cuban businesses when they were ready for newer replacements. Behind the hearse was a ‘56 Buick, driven by Yosmani, a black-market taxi driver. Today there was no charge. Today Yosmani was transporting his childhood friend and the friend’s parents and in-laws. The rest of the families, mostly women and children, rode behind on the third vehicle. They were tossed around on the back of ‘53 International flatbed truck. It spewed purple smoke that swirled into clouds of its own dust. Along the sides of the truck, six or seven older men were riding bikes. The last car in the procession was mine, a 2005 Hyundai rental. I kept some distance trying to avoid the dust while listening to the heated conversation in the back seat.

The funeral was for a baby that had not survived childbirth. I knew the baby’s father from a previous visit and had heard that his wife was in the hospital.

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3 thoughts on “Cuba’s vaunted healthcare system exposed”

  1. Sr. Gomez,

    The problem is that no one but us is going to read this. It is nice affirmation for us, but will it make people who believe that Cuba’s healthcare system is amazing change their beliefs? No! They’ll say it’s imperialist propaganda. Unfortunately Sr. Gomez, our problem is that we preach to the choir.

    The favorite leftist mantra: “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up.”

  2. I disagree. Thanks to Al Gore’s invention, the internet, we have a louder voice than ever. When I started posting stuff to the internet I basically found half a dozen articles about Che Guevara that told the truth about what kind of a person he was. Today, despite the two major motion picture about him that make him into a saint, there’s vastly more truthful information out there.

  3. The thing about preaching to the choir is that sometimes they convince their friend and relatives to come listen to the music. I started writing this blog about my travels through Cuba and have had thousands of readers. Obviously its reaching more than the choir members because I have received a considerable amount of hate mail.

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