Don’t count on it…

Canadian company and business partner of castro, inc., Sherritt International put out its quarterly earnings report press release. In it we note this important item:

In February 2009, a payment agreement was finalized with respect to the Oil and Gas and Power receivables in Cuba that were overdue as of December 31, 2008. The U.S.$126.0 million in Oil and Gas receivables and U.S.$36.0 million in Power receivables will be paid through the maturation of interest-bearing Cuban Certificates of Deposit over 5 years (see page 10). The National Bank of Cuba has provided a guarantee for the payment of Oil and Gas and Power receivables due in 2009 (see page 15).

An I.O.U. from castro, inc. isn’t worth the paper its printed on. This is the regime that Richard Lugar, Jeff Flake and virtually all of the Democrats are DYING to do business with. And these are the people that are supposed to be saving our economy?

Here’s Sherritt’s CEO on the deadbeat castro brothers:

“We’ve dealt with our Cuba receivables rather neatly,” Sherritt chief executive Ian Delaney told a conference call, saying “We have reached a good, solid arrangement” with the Cuban government.

Good luck with that, asshole.

Curiously the press release was labeled with this header:


Maybe Phil Peters should advise his clients donors that the www stands for Worldwide Web.

H/T: Child of the Revolution

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  1. good luck with cashing that IOU…
    betting that Cuba’s future will pay for a debt incurred under Castro and with all that pollution left behind? hmmm, I don’t think so. When freedom returns to Cuba, will they pay the debts of those that helped prop up the regime?

    I hope not. I can’t imagine it.

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