Cigar Mike Takes You On A Photo Tour Of Hialeah

Happy Monday infidels. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I figured things couldn’t get any worse, so I decided to take a drive around Hialeah and created an interesting photo essay. I must admit, what a difference from my drive through Moab, Utah.  Here is a sampling of what you can expect to find while cruising the streets of Hialeah ….

Botanica and Pet Store. Strange combination huh?

On this Corner, you can get alterations and custom made Santeria clothes.

The “Welcome to Hialeah” Water Tower

One of the Nicer Bars in the City.  It was better before the stupid smoking ban though.


For those who have never been to Hialeah, make sure you have GPS with you.  The streets there are very different from the rest of the County.  For example,  West 49th Street equals NW 103rd Street.  Try to figure that out …. see you infidels later at Flanigan’s …

You can see the entire photo essay here.

21 thoughts on “Cigar Mike Takes You On A Photo Tour Of Hialeah”

  1. Cigar Mike,

    Please don’t forget to bring your passport next time you come to the independent, foreign Republic of Hialeah, otherwise you won’t be allowed entrance into the city.

  2. been to that flanigan many times in my younger days. had some great times there. hialeah, the city of progress!!

  3. no really…the north end of Hialeah has nice lakefront homes…. some of them with religious statues but most without. Other than the parties until 3 am, the area is not too bad…..

    no chickens running across the road over there….

  4. no chickens running across the road over there….


    Hey….what is this?

    I demand more respect for the independent,sovereign Republic of Hialeah.

  5. Hey, quite ragging on the “Ciudad Que Progresa.” We’re very proud of our unique street numbering system – it’s the rest of south Florida that’s all screwed up. Cojones, you guys sound like you’re from Westchester, Kendall, Miami Springs, or those other elitist, snotty areas of town. Oh, yea, north is little nicer ’cause it’s next to Miami Lakes, but the west is fine also, east is run down, and There Isn’t Any South, Caballeros! GO TBREDS!!

  6. Mambi, I’m from Miami Lakes so yes, I know Hialeah very well … but still need a guide or GPS to maneuver through it.

    Well by South I mean South of W 49th and North of Okeechobee ….

  7. Coño Mike, it can’t be that hard once you hustle around town a couple of times. Although I have to admit that there’s a small two to three block area just north of 49th Street and east of 8th Avenue that has Miami address numbers (NW) vice Hialeah numbers – it’s the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever seen, and I don’t know why it’s so. The ‘south’ you mention is actually the ‘west side’, that’s where I grew up. You’re a friggin Trojan – well, we always hated Miami Springs more 🙂

  8. Mambi … there you go .. more proof .. only in Hialeah does South = West … it’s insane ….

    did you see the picture I took of your old school? It’s changed a lot in the last 20 huh?

  9. Que jodedor. What can I say bro’, it’s my roots. Listen, I’m stuck living/working in DC now (snowed today) and would give anything to be back home with ‘mi gente’y el bayu de Hialeah.

  10. By the way, I’m a Coral Park Graduate … so I’m a Ram not a Trojan. The abuelos give near HML ….

    Dude, can you believe Westland Mall is no longer Westland Mall?

  11. Coral Park? Shit, we considered you guys snobs – then my son ended up going there – como ha cambiado la cosa. What the hell happened to Westland Mall? You have me so worried I’m going to call my parents – don’t tell me they changed the name (I was there when it opened in the early ’70s). I can’t believe the Carvel is still there – unfriggin-believable – that is definitely a dinosaur. Thanks for the update.

  12. After reading all your posts I see that you can take the Cuban out of Hialeah but you cannot take Hialeah out of the Cuban…


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