Mea Culpae (Updated)

Like good little obedient and subservient communists, both Lage and Perez-Roque have written and submitted their formal mea culpae to the dictator in chief.

That sound you hear is the bevy of Cuba experts typing away their latest verbose yadayadayadas on the importance and meaning and ramifications of these letters and how they will forever effect Cuba, the Cuban people, Cuban foreign relations and growth rate of mangoes on the island.

Update: There’s never an egg timer around when you need one.

6 thoughts on “Mea Culpae (Updated)”

  1. What’s really incomprehensible to me is that anyone would consider a career in the Cuban regime: a regime that purges and destroys anyone who gets close to the centralized power, the only real power in the country, fidel and raul. This has happened repeatedly over and over again throughout the 50 years of dictatorship. To name a few of the big names that have been purged: Ochoa, Los Hermanos Del Pino, Robaina, now Lage and Roque.

    Of course, the MSM is already furiously spinning and implying that their former “pragmatist” and Gorbechev-like reformer [which is how they used to describe Lage] is going to be replaced by a more moderate minister. So the charade goes on that Raul is a reformer and this purge is in line of his democratic reforms.

    By the way, I’m deliriously happy that this has happened to Lage and especially to that loud-mouth, crass Roque. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of fellas!

  2. LMAO,you are totally right!!!

    BTW, did you watch Haza last night? Paterson needs a new wardrobe and, respectfully, does Ichigawa think he is Plato???

    I do not understand anything he says, he responds in non-sequitors all the time and goes off on odd tangents…

  3. Val, these people are like government bureaucrats who keep coming up with ineffective, inefficient, counterproductive new “measures,” which are no skin off THEIR nose, for OTHERS to deal with and suffer through, because they figure it makes them look like they’re doing something. In other words, these people have to justify their existence, and they also know on which side their bread is buttered. If in doubt, always go against the only people who really know the score–you know, “those people,” as Clinton dismissively called us, just like he called Monica “that woman” when getting head from her was no longer an option.

  4. Ichikawa is an intellectual, don’t you know. He’s allowed to be incoherent and/or obtuse. It just shows he’s deeper and smarter than normal people.

  5. Asombra, please…he stuck around Cuba for a long time until it wasn’t convenient for him anymore.

    “deeper and smarter than normal people.”

    That is Obamaesque rhetoric.

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