2 thoughts on “Rome is burning…”

  1. What’s this? Brad ‘n Nancy on display at the Wax Museum?

    Wha’ happened to her eyes? Why’s there seem to be nothing behind them?

    What’s that thing, crawling around, Pitt’s chin? Why’s he smiling?

    Is she smiling? What is she doing? She made outa wax or what?

    Is that Dean Stockwell playing ‘Ben’ from “Blue Velvet” – in drag? It is, isn’t it? C’mon, tell us, huh? That’s who it is, isn’t it?

    Always nice to have ‘stars’ sashaying around to distract the citizens.

    What’s that smell? Rome burning?


    Perhaps just wax melting…

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    05 March, 2009

  2. I guess Angelina can’t play dominatrix well enough, and when a guy’s into that, I suppose he’ll take it anywhere he can get it, including a dried-up witch. And by the way, she must be wearing enough make-up to stock a major mall.

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