And here we thought she was a fresh, conservative voice

You’re right, Myriam. You’re brilliant solution is precisely what we need as the economy goes into the toilet. Let’s tax farts — wait, sorry, Obama has dibs on that already — and coffee, and gum chewing, and everything else we do, so we can fund more and more waste.

Dear Lord, the Herald just doesn’t get it. Never has, never will.

6 thoughts on “And here we thought she was a fresh, conservative voice”

  1. George, with all due respect you made the mistake of thinking Myriam Marquez was a conservative. She may be on the right on a few issues (namely Cuba), but her body of work reflects a lot of moderate tendencies, with an occasional dash of left thrown in.

  2. Listen, after her role as the supervising editor in Corral’s infamous hatchet job, I would always be guarded about her. No doubt she wasn’t ultimately responsible, but rather a “middle man” in the affair, but she was obviously implicated. Of course, to get anywhere in the Herald, one has to play its game.

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