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The other day Val posted about Sierra Auto Service. I was reminded of it today, as I got the tires of my cacharro rotated and balanced at Balado Tire at 67th Avenue and 8th Street.

The cacharro I’m referring to is my 1966 Dodge Polara. I bought this car for $900 in 2004.


Of course, I’ve put a hell of a lot more into it since then. One of the first things I did when I bought the car was get the set of whitewall tires you see in the picture. I got them at the aforementioned Balado Tire. I’m a big fan of mom and pop businesses, especially if they are owned by cubiches. And Balado is great operation with fast service, great prices and a personal touch. Jose, the older gentleman that runs the place, is a great guy and so are the installers.

If you’ve got a flat or a leak don’t waste your time at El Mago del Ponche. That joint is always crazy busy. Balado will have you on your way in a jif. And they have great performance tires too. I got a set of Cooper tires for my Cadillac CTS when the factory Goodyears wore out and saved a bundle. So stop by and tell them the guy with the light blue cacharro sent you.

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  1. my friend orlando has worked their since he graduated from high school (columbus ’84). i used to buy my tires there when i lived in miami. great place.

  2. Your car sooooo reminds me of my dad, and the “trasatlantico” that he used to drive when I was a kid. It was a humongous old black Pontiac “de uso por supuesto.”

    Enjoy your cruise.

  3. Henry,

    What engine you have in the Polara, slant six 225 cubic inches or V-8 318 cubic inches?

  4. The car came standard with a V8 384 C.I.D.

    Mine is the “economy” model with the V8 318 C.I.D. Poly. I have a 2bbl carb but have a 4bbl intake manifold that I am going to install along with the appropriate carburetor.

    Although it was the “economy” model, mine came with factory air conditioning. Works like a charm.

  5. Henry,

    The reason I asked you because many moons ago I used to own a beautiful Cuda 440 six-pack.

    It used to haul ass….

    I wish I still had it today.

  6. Never heard of 384 C.I.D. I guess you meant 383 C.I.D., Right?

    The 383 is a scaled down version of the 440.

    Trust me, I know my Chryslers inside out.

    A piece of advice, if you’re installing a 4 barrel carburetor on that 318 you might want to put a bigger camshaft to work better with the added fuel intake.

    There lost of places on the net that would help you with your choices, specially the following:

    It’ll get expensive once you start going that route of adding more performance parts to the engine but those cars are picking-up more value as collector items as time goes on.

  7. Yes, 383. I misspoke. I never had to worry about the exact size of the other motor because I have the poly. It’ll be long time before I recover what I’ve invested in that car.

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