Quote of the day

Dick Armey reminds us how real leaders govern while discussing Rahm Emanuel’s attack on Rush Limbaugh.

“The guy’s president of the United States. You’d say, ‘I bet the guy has some real serious work to do.’ But his chief of staff is what, operating as a political hack? Ronald Reagan did not let the political hacks in the White House. His point was very simple: ‘We’ve got serious work to do. People in this country who are good people have trusted us, and I’m not sitting here listening to a bunch of politics, let’s talk about policies.'”

Read “Dick Armey: Rush Limbaugh is right about Obama,”  here.

1 thought on “Quote of the day”

  1. Right on Rush!
    Emanual tried to play the game, distract from your own idiocies, try to split the opposition.
    But just as those Republicans in the house stayed united and said no refusing to give Obama any cover, we conservatives should refuse to play Emanual’s game. We should stay united and express our love and gratitude to the best weapon we have in our arsenal to trouble those clowns on the other side, Rush Limbaugh!

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