The Herald figures out the purge

While the so-called Cuba experts scratch their heads trying to figure out what Machiavellian plot Raul has up his sleeve with the latest purge of high-ranking Cuban apparatchiks, our very own Miami Herald seems to have figured it out. It wasn’t consolidation of power or an effort by prince Raul to rid himself of the king’s loyalists; according to the Herald, the new apparatchiks picked by Raul were picked for their ability to run the Cuban economy efficiently and cut waste.

Cuba’s new Cabinet members named in a surprise political shake-up last week are a cadre of unknowns who share a history of cracking down on waste and running a tight ship.

What this Herald article fails to mention, however, is where, in the revolution’s 50-year history, has anything in Cuba ever been run as a tight ship devoid of waste? On the contrary, the revolution’s history has been one of waste, corruption, and total disregard for any efficiency. The economic strategy of the totalitarian regime has been to act as nothing more than a blood-sucking parasite that attaches itself to any willing host. When the blood runs out, it finds a new host. Parasites are efficient only at being parasitic.

The only thing the Cuban regime runs as a “tight ship” is the repressive machinery it has in place to keep the citizens on the island in check.

3 thoughts on “The Herald figures out the purge”

  1. The Herald writes this kind of trash because in their biased view of Cuba they actually believe Raul is going to bring a “Springtime in Havana” with freedom and prosperity flourishing all around the island – idiots. So, consequently the new folks are labeled as being “efficient” bureaucrats who will bring ‘reform’, rather than seeing it for what it is; a purge of elements that Raul no longer trusts.

  2. You have to understand, “cracking down on waste and running a tight ship” in lefty-speak means more effectively collecting taxes and eliminating such waste as food or air for your political opponents. The Democrats and lapdog media have perfected this new and exciting language.

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