Cuba Re-Stalinized, “Experts” Mum

In perfect keeping with the Stalinist nature of the Cuban regime –and especially in keeping with Raul Castro’s rule, (Raul worked with a KGB handler as early as 1953)– the more prominent among the purged (Carlos Lage, 56, VP of the Council of State, Felipe Roque, 44, Foreign Minister) have signed confessions seemingly lifted from the very template used by Zinoviev, Kanev and Bukharin in 1936.

Trotsky’s murderer, Ramon Mercader, by the way, served as Cuba’s “inspector of prisons” in the 1960’s, was favorite companion of both Raul Castro and Che Guevara, and upon his death in 1978 was buried with honors in a Havana cemetery.

Don’t look for this in the MSM, but similar purges have re-Stalinized the Cuban regime at least once a decade since 1959–and will continue as long as Fidel or Raul remain alive.

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