Frum is dead wrong

A beautiful takedown of David Frum in The American Spectator:

“I’m a conservative Republican,” writes Frum. “I volunteered for the Reagan campaign in 1980. I’ve attended every Republican convention since 1988. I was president of the Federalist Society chapter at my law school, worked on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal and wrote speeches for President Bush — not the ‘Read My Lips’ Bush, the ‘Axis of Evil’ Bush. I served on the Giuliani campaign in 2008 and voted for John McCain in November. I supported the Iraq War and (although I feel kind of silly about it in retrospect) the impeachment of Bill Clinton. I could go on, but you get the idea.”

Indeed, he could go on. Frum supported the banker bailout. He wrote last September, “I say ‘aye’ to the proposed national debt bailout — and a big shout out to Rep. Barney Frank, one of its early authors, who has been a prescient early voice on the need for a big solution to a big problem.” He is pro abortion-rights: “I am not pro-life. I think abortion ought to be legal for the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy and available to protect the health of the mother during the weeks thereafter. I don’t see this as a matter of fundamental human rights, so much as one of accommodating reality.” In his latest volume of advice to conservatives, Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again, he advises them to get over their fixation of lowering income-tax rates and offers a massive “carbon tax” as a way of promoting “green conservatism.”

David Frum, in other words, isn’t very conservative these days. One might say he has evolved. Twelve years ago, for instance, Frum brilliantly schooled Andrew Sullivan in an online debate over gay marriage. Now, despite ballot rejections of homosexual marriage in such deep-blue states as California, Michigan, and Oregon, Frum inexplicably argues that the gay marriage train has left the station and it’s time for conservatives to, if not get on board, at least get out of the way.

Yeah, evolved into a “moderate.” Dave, what is this about a “big shout-out” to Barney Frank?! That’s just one of the reasons why you’ve lost all credibility among conservatives. Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “Frum is dead wrong”

  1. How do guys like Sullivan, Frum and Ross Douthat keep calling themselves conservatives while advocating big government programs and insisting that we dump social conservatism at the same time? It’s time for them to own up to the fact that they are moderates or leftists. Don’t talk about “saving” or “rescuing” conservatism when all they want to do is bury it.

  2. How can Frum look at himself in the mirror without embarrassment?
    He forgot McCain’s quick move from media darling to black sheep. Frum bores me here.

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