9 thoughts on “My New T-Shirt!”

  1. Thanks Humberto for the pic.

    Im an admirer of the Capitan General Augusto Pinochet and his “work” in eliminating communists and others pests,and putting in place a democratic goverment in Chile.


  2. Amigos,
    No T-shirts YET! I ran across the pic and immediately sent it to my darling daughter, expert in photo-shopping, silk-screening, etc.

    Told her to crank me out a T-shirt to wear for the French Quarter Festival next month, an event swarming with College kids–especially from pinko Tulane (the LSU people will probably high-five me!) and also attracting many from the large number “Latinos” now residing in New Orleans.

    So should be fun.

  3. Dittos tony44, and I’ve always liked that picture. As for a t-shirt-keep me informed. I want one. I suggest you crop the other junta memebers out of the picture and emblazon the name “PINOCHET” at the top or up and down the side!

  4. Nice, but that’s not Felix Rodriguez. I’m not surprised, however, considering where this picture was posted and labeled:

    “I don’t believe that the way to liberate Cuba is through isolation. Some of
    the things I say piss off Cuban-Americans.” says the owner of the site that posts this mistaken picture.

    It’s typical–most such people don’t have half their facts straight on Cuba.

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