The Best Pizza in South Florida

Frankie's Pizza

As I’m starting to compile images for my photo essay of the Westchester area of Miami, where I grew up from 1979-1996, while many places have come and gone, there is one place that thankfully remains and is still run by the same family, Frankie’s Pizza. As a teenager, this was the place. Their pizzas are second to none. No frills. All natural ingredients. The crust, a perfect light fluffy crunch. Of course after I took this shot, I bought myself a slice for old time sake.

For those in town desiring a great pie, it’s on Bird Road and 93rd.

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  1. Frankie’s was the only pizza joint in Westchester when my family moved there in the late seventies, and its pepperoni is outstanding, but $17.50 for a large two-topping pie is eye-opening.

  2. I have to tell you…I’ve always thought that Frankie’s was overrated.

    My favorite comfort food restaurant is near there…Rio Crystal.

    Not the BEST place to eat by far, but it hasn’t changed in years, and it feels like home when I go in there.

    Their flan is the best in Miami.

  3. Henry…Sir Pizza used to be great, haven’t eaten there in years. I did work for the chain in El Salvador setting up some franchises, but that was over fifteen years ago.

    Are they still doing that “toppings to the edge” thing?

    P.S. New restaurant open near Sir Pizza…Mama Juana, where the old Chispa used to be.

    Ate there last week…favorable first impression, in spite of the fact that they overcooked my churrasco.

  4. Luis it depends on your taste of course. I’ve eaten in all the joints down here since I was a kid. From the old Figaro’s Pizza on 163rd in the 1970’s, Marcella’s in North Miami, Mario the Baker, Franco’s Pizza, Cozzolli’s (the original), D’Pizza (near UM), Cazolla’s, and the national chains, what makes Frankie’s unique to me is the crust. Most pizza joints will give you a huge pizza, but it’s soft or soggy…no crunch. Others will give you a crispy crust, but it’s like biting into a galletta cubana. Frankie’s besides being served in a square format which I like, is a firm crust, but light and fluffy (not doughy which I hate), and has that crunch to it that I love.

    Their cheese and sauce are just right as well.


    And for those who may have a memory, there was a great pizzeria, but I can’t recall the name, that used to be in Downtown Miami, down the block from the old WTVJ…probably 1st avenue I would venture. It was around in the early 1970’s and closed. All I can recall is my old man taking me there after getting a haircut at the old Cuban Barber Shop a block away (men and boy’s cut only), that had playboy magazines for all to look at, and then a walk to the pizza joint for a slice and orange nehi. I always loved the taste of that Pizza. I later came to learn it was the oregano sprinkling on it that took it over the top.

  5. I used to run two records stores in the Omni back around the late seventies, and I think I know the pizzeria you’re talking about, but I can’t remember the name either.

    Cozzoli’s in the Omni had the BEST lasagna!

  6. Cigar Mike – D’Pizza sucked…only the garlic rolls were good. Miami’ Best Pizza (nee Little Caesar’s) just down the road is world’s better and my top pick. I’m not sure about the new Sir Pizza – Mario’s isn’t the same since they expanded. Miami’s Best is meant to be eaten there – or close by. It is best when it is just out of the oven. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Luis – which of the two Cozzoli’s? I never understood how the Omni used to have to Cozzoli’s – it made zero sense.

  7. Cardinal, I used to go to D’Pizza back in the mid 1980’s and thought it was great then (esp. with a few pitchers of beer) — I know they went under at some point and perhaps their quality got bad, but it was good then though ….

    There was one other pizza joint I loved that I forgot to mention which was the Pizza Loft on 67th and Flagler. They moved to Broward after the restaurant burned down. Pity. They had a great pie.

  8. cardinal…I think I used to go to the one near ground level.

    I managed two stores…Mother’s Records, and Variety Records, and my ex managed the movie theater.

    We used to meet in that Cozzolis for dinner.

  9. I’m glad Luis Gonzalez mentioned Rio Cristal. That place is amazing, especially their bistec empanizado. It wouldn’t be a bad place for a photo shoot either, it has a classic grungy look and the same waitresses that have worked there for what seems like forever, that I instantly associate with home.

  10. Thanks Luis and keeping restaurants out of legal trouble is my business (especially labor/employment issues) … so if you ever need help in that area….give me a hollar ….

  11. As a kid, my parents would send me to Miami to spend the summers with my Aunt and Uncle. Frankie’s and Rio Crystal both bring back such fond memories of endless, deliriously happy summers spent fishing in the canal, bike riding in the MIDDLE of the street (this was especially wonderful to me, as I grew up, and still live, in Manhattan) and watermelon eating contests at the annual block party. Fun, fun, fun.

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