For Eduardo Arocena: Life in Prison! For Bill Ayers: A Speaking Tour!

“Arocena got a life sentence for taking part in the murder of Felix Garcia Rodriguez, an attache to the Cuban Mission who was machine-gunned to death in Queens in 1980. He also was convicted of the attempted car-bomb assassination of the Cuban U.N. Ambassador Raul Roa.”

From the a hearing by the Senate Sub-Committee on Terrorism: titled: Subversion Intelligence Activities of the DGI Feb. 26, 1982.

“The rules of the DGI are that all the (Cuban)diplomats who come to the United States or to New York have to be members of the (Cuban) intelligence service.

Which is to say: kill a Castro spy (Probably planning terrorism against the U.S. ) and go to prison for life!

Kill American cops and rake in speaking fees, like Bill Ayers!

In 1961 Brazilian President Janio Quadros watched the Castros and Che make monkeys of JFK and snickered: those Americans are just like women, they have a masochistic streak, the more you slap ’em around the more you get out of them.”

Interesting, but small comfort for Arocena.

But I know..I know…the law is the law. We’re damn fortunate to have been given refugee status in a nation where the rule of law prevails. But why couldn’t it have BENT just a little in the case of Ayers?

Check out the Arocena tragedy on youtube

5 thoughts on “For Eduardo Arocena: Life in Prison! For Bill Ayers: A Speaking Tour!”

  1. I just saw the video on Youtube. Poor Arocena, he should be freed, but alas, the tyranny in cahoots with the msm has been successful in portraying the victims [i.e. the exiles] as terrorism. It’s Kafkaesque.

    That much said, [and this is a rhetorical question] why on earth would the producers of the video make it in Spanish? Don’t they realize that if the video is made in English it can reach more people? We are living in the USA and should target Americans after all. This is something that is endemic with many Cubans. For instance, when I used to go to anti-castro demonstrations, I would see people with signs in Spanish [most in fact]. It’s nothing more than preaching to the choir. Don’t they understand that?

  2. That’s one of the cool things about Babalu, English.

    Ask the Babalu gang what happened at Cuba Nostalgia when they put up a big poster of my Che book.

    Many attendees, unable to read the book’s title, (only saw that famous face on the cover) railed against this “communist propaganda!” this propaganda por un asesino!” etc., etc. etc.

    When we explained and they clamed down, the next question was: “do you have it in Spanish?!”

    “What’s the ‘freakin POINT?!” I’d blurt. “You folks know everything in here already–frontwards and backwards–you LIVED it!”

    They meant well, however.

  3. I agree with Rayarena about the English vs. Spanish dilemma. The only answer I can imagine is that most active Cuban exiles live in Miami and many of them might have a Cuba-centrist mentality. We, Cubans, tend to believe that our truths are self-explanatory and don’t understand when others don’t understand us. We must not forget who we are and our mother tongue is a big part of it, but to win the media war, we have to communicate our message in English. Anything else will be equivalent to a monologue.

  4. And of course, the 5 bastards now in US prison who were involved in the murder of the Brothers to the Rescue pilots, who were NOT government agents or spies but just innocent citizens, deserve every possible benefit of the doubt.

  5. Humberto, the Pompous Prick of Pembroke Pines took to you to task and said that Bill Ayers never killed anyone. He’s technically correct. I mean, Hitler didn’t kill anyone either. He just had others do it for him. Just like Bill Ayers.

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