Yo Quiero Un Perro Caliente


As I continue to take my infidel readers on my photographic tour of my old neighborhood,  there’s another location that is also still there….

Arbetter’s Hot Dogs.  There are so very few Hot Dog stands around.  In the old days, there was Mr. Coney Island on 167th Street. Man that place was good, but it’s gone.  The national chains just don’t cut it for me.  There’s Hot Dog Heaven in Broward,  which is great, but it’s in Broward.  But in Miami-Dade, there’s Arbetter’s Hot Dogs, still serving them hot on Bird Road and 88th.   Personally, I always got two perro calientes there: 1 with mustard and relish, and 1 with chili, cheese, onions, and mustard.  That and a Coke and I was set.

I hear that the place is no longer run by the Arbetter family,  but the place is still there as it was in the 1970’s when I ate my perro caliente….

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  1. Michael,

    I remember a place on Bird Road, but was not 88th. it was around maybe 72nd ave by the railroad tracks, or west of 67th ave. I went to South Miami High and use to go to this place at least once a week back in 1975.
    Your post reminded of this place!

    I now live in Marietta,Ga. and have yet to check out a place here by the railroad tracks.

  2. RJ, I know exactly which place you’re talking about. It was right across from Bird Drive Park. They were pretty good too, but went out of business… they were around in the early 1980’s and they had a big TV there. I sometimes watched football games there. But I can’t recall the name.

  3. Mike, The Varsity is very good, we actually go to the one in Kennesaw.
    If you ever get a chance to come up here, Kennesaw Mountain is a great place for photos, its also a National Park, if you do, shoot me a message, its actually two mountains and one big hill, a great view of Atlanta from the top.

  4. And tostones/chatinos, from mom en SW with arroz con pollo, plantanos maduros frito, ensalada estilo Cubano and crema Catalana followed by a cafecito sounds good to me.
    There is nothing like food cooked by mom.

  5. Eh, Hot Dog Heaven is OK, but nothing special IMHO. Maybe it used to be better? Anyhow, it’s half a block from what FLPD colloquially calls “Delivery of Cocaine Corner” (Andrews and Sunrise), so suffice it to say I haven’t been there since moving to a better neighborhood. It’s only open for lunch, though, so you PROBABLY won’t get shot as long as you go there during the daytime.

  6. Dave, HDH is near my office and I would only go there during the day. Their dogs are Chicago style Vienna Beef. I love them. But it’s in Broward. I also like Skyline chili. They’re unique little dogs are tasty and fun to eat. but it’s a different creature. Not a traditional dog…

  7. Skyline. The one thing I miss from living and working in Broward is a 3-way from Skyline. Luckily Publix sells their chili frozen and I can make a 3-way at home. It’s not for everyone but I love the stuff.

  8. The Founder Of arbetters passed away not too long ago, My wife and I make it point to stop by almost once a week.
    They didn’t use to like cubans years ago, but now ? Hey money is money.

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