Hang on, Raul! Help is on the Way!

“Hang on.. help is on the way..we’ll be there as fast as we can!”

“Cuba Awaits a Rain of Dollars” reads the headline in Spain’s El Pais.’ “Obama’s reforms will multiply spending and remittances by Cuban-Americans.”

“A major setback for the Miami Mafia” crows Granma.

“Last year 2.3 million tourists, including 150,000 Cuban-Americans, visited Cuba (what a heartless “Blockade!”) One estimate puts the number of U.S. visitors who might now visit Cuba annually at 2 million.”

Entire article in Spanish here.

Amigos, this is harrowing news–because it means Cuba will soon be completely depopulated.

Think about it: 150,000 visits from the U.S. could only mean 150,000 terminally ill mothers and fathers of Cuban-Americans. And those in Cuba with relatives in the U.S make up a small percentage of Cubans. Yet look at the rate at which this small sample group is obviously perishing!

According to my calculator, in a few decades, Cubans in Cuba will be extinct!

3 thoughts on “Hang on, Raul! Help is on the Way!”

  1. What’s even more unbelievable is that the same people who curse the “gusanos” for strangling Cuba with their “blockade” are the same ones who will tell you with a perfectly straight face that the “gusanos” or “Miami Mafia” are Cuba’s saving grace, the tryannies silver lining. It leaves one speechless.

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