Interview with “Desperate Lands” Author

I’m posting this for our friend Claudia who is blocked from posting …. (let me clear this up….she is blocked at work from posting to blogs…not from posting here…my bad on the grammar)

Tomorrow night Susana Lohse, author of “Miss Kitty, a Republican Cat,” will host a blog talk radio show featuring Master Sergeant Regulo Zapata Jr, US Army (Retired). He joined the Special Forces in 1974 and since then he has participated in many operations in various countries. Master Sergeant Regulo Zapata was a Special Forces Operations Sergeant with twenty-eight years of service with the US Army. He has just published his book “Desperate Lands: The War on Terror Through the Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier.” Tune in at 11:30 PM (EST) to hear about Sergeant Zapata’s book and his experiences.


To learn more about Sergeant Zapata’s book: check out