Ahhh..That Fiendish “Blockade!”

Art Exhibition fuels US-Cuba thaw’ reads the BBC headline.

“Another of the works on display is a sculpture of a US nuclear command desk from the Titan 2 missile complex outside Tucson, Arizona, complete with flashing lights and launch key.

It is a reminder of these two countries’ troubled past relationship and just how close the world came to nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis. ” “I’m not a political person.” explains the artist Doug Young.

OK. Fine. But that “closeness to nuclear war” was NOT provoked from Tucson Arizona.– It was Fidel Castro’s begging, beseeching and finally trying to TRICK Khruschev into pressing the buttons.

Now, would that telegram from Castro to Nikita K. have passed muster from the “non-political” exhibit curators as an exhibit in this “non-political” display about our “troubled past”?? HUMMMMM??????


there’s a jigsaw-puzzle portrait of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, called “Black Che”, by Christoph Draeger.

Would a “jigsaw puzzle portrait” of Pinochet or Somoza have made the cut?

Just wonderinnnnn?

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