Biden speaks…

Vice President Biden, while on a trip to Chile, was asked by reporters if the US was planning on lifting the embargo against Cuba’s totalitarian regime.

Everyone–on the left and the right–held their breath, hoping for the best but expecting the worst from Biden’s incurable foot-in-mouth disease.

VINA DEL MAR, Chile (Reuters) – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Saturday the United States would not lift the country’s embargo on Cuba.

“No,” Biden told reporters at a meeting in Chile when asked if the United States planned to lift the embargo.

“We think that Cuban people should determine their own fate and they should be able to live in freedom and have some prospect of economic prosperity,” he added.

Turns out the only people wincing from the VP’s remarks are the ones on the left. You know who they are–the Castro apologists, leftist dictator loving, it’s okay to torture, jail, and kill Cubans for half a century, leftists.

Way to go, Joe!

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  1. Lazaro:

    I’m not putting much stock in what Biden says; the guy has diarrhea of the mouth. I’m just enjoying the double pleasure from hearing him echo the sentiment of the “hard-line” Cuban exile community and at the same time, tweak the liberals that want to legitimize the murderous Cuban regime.

  2. When Jimmy Carter visited Havana in May 2002 and gave a speech that was broadcast to the Cuban people, he emphasized these points, which are the core of U.S. State Department policy toward Cuba, no matter what party is in the White House:
    “I hope that Cuba and the United States can resolve the 40-year-old property disputes with some creativity. In many cases, we are debating ancient claims about decrepit sugar mills, an antique telephone company, and many other obsolete holdings. Most U.S. companies have already absorbed the losses, but some others want to be paid, and many Cubans who fled the revolution retain a sentimental attachment for their homes. We resolved similar problems when I normalized relations with China in 1979. I propose that our two countries establish a blue-ribbon commission to address the legitimate concerns of all sides in a positive and constructive manner.
    “Some of those who left this beautiful island have demonstrated vividly that the key to a flourishing economy is to use individual entrepreneurial skills. But many Cubans in South Florida remain angry over their departure and their divided families. We need to define a future so they can serve as a bridge of reconciliation between Cuba and the United States.”
    Biden did not mention these property issues but it seems like the embargo will not be lifted until Cuba acknowledges the debt and makes a payment plan, like they did with Spain, Canada, and other countries whose property they expropriated.

  3. When it comes to Cuba issues, VP Biden could learn a thing or two about public speaking from “Lazaro el Lechon”. The latter has much more credibilty than the former.

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