4 thoughts on “From Iowahawk the Magnificent”

  1. George, that was brutal. What a sick collection of worthless f..ks, and Byrd is their poster child. What the hell is he crying about? Probably the lynching that got away when he was a Klansman.

  2. Oh, yeah, this fossil inspires lots of confidence. Just look at him. The picture of what this country needs right now. Of course, in his defense, at least he doesn’t have a malignant brain tumor. There are some seriously stupid and/or irresponsible voters in this country. LOTS of them.

  3. I recently read something by a very sharp guy to the effect that the world’s worst problem isn’t something like poverty or evil, but rather stupidity. I’m rather inclined to agree. Evil is obviously a problem, but it typically depends on sufficiently clueless or stupid people to really get anywhere.

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