The most dangerous woman in Cuba

That’s what I call Yoani Sanchez. Take a look at her in this video. It was shot at a performance art exhibit called, simply enough “performance”. Notice the man and woman next to her dressed as militia who put a dove on her shoulder. This is a slap in the face of the coma andante who famously had a dove land on his shoulder during a speech when he first arrived triumphantly in Havana in 1959. A legend was born about that damned dove but if you look at the film closely you see that the dove did not dive down and land on his shoulder, it flew up from below. It turns out that the dove was released from in front of the podium that Fidel was speaking at. It flew up and landed on his shoulder where it is rumored that it took a shit on him.

Now Yoani and these young artists openly mock the mythology of fidel. Sweet.

7 thoughts on “The most dangerous woman in Cuba”

  1. According to people were allowed to speak for one minute after the performance. I wonder if this was the government’s idea to “prove” to everyone that people have a right to speak. Either way, bravo to the people!

  2. I was just about to post on this.

    I can’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. For crying out loud, I feel like such a damn mariquita. LOL

    I only wish the audio were better.

  3. Henry,

    This is a major big deal and needs to go to more places than just You Tube.
    I know its in the Herald but how about Fox News,CNN,ABC and others, yes I know CNN and ABC and others can’t be counted on except for towing the party line.
    How about ABC de Espana?



  4. Amazing, indeed. I can’t help to wonder what will come next.

    Now, on a side note, is anyone ever following the gargantuan misspellings El Nuevo Herald is constantly publishing. Don’t they have a native Spanish-speaking copy editor or what? (not very hard to find in Miami, I suppose)

    I have lost count of the gramatical errors they publish; they are just way too many. But this article’s “arte performativo” hit a record. Can someone tell them the Diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua is available online, free of charge. And that performance arts=artes escenicas, and that “narra” is spelled with two “r’s” and… well, I better leave by grammar snob tantrum here, otherwise, the message will be too long…

  5. Absolutely incredible and amazing event – maybe a historical moment in regards to the changes that are going to come. Yoani continues to impress and the young woman Claudia Cadelo seems to have a tremendous reserve of courage as well.

    Thank you very much for posting it Henry, it seems like the MSM is going to completely ignore it. I wonder if a version with cleaner audio will leak out eventually. Please re-publish this ‘performance’ it if it does.

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