Federal Judge Dismisses Communist Cuba Lawsuit Over Termination of U.S. Trademark Rights for Havana Club


A victory for Bacardi and the USA over Cuba. As I’ve noted before, the Cuban dictatorship just loves to come into our system and challenge trademarks, but of course, have one of our companies try that in their monkey court. I’m sure the leftists out there will say the opinion is wrong. But it is the Obama Justice Department that is representing the US Government here. Wonder what will happen on appeal….

Attached is the court opinion.

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  1. BTW, Castro’s partner-in- burglary here is France’s Pernod–who raised a holy moralistic/legalistic hue and cry (!!) about what the Nazis did with Pernod’s plant/product from 1940-44–which is almost identical to what Pernod has done with Havana Club.

  2. The Nazis were “right wing,” and Castro, Inc. is left. That makes all the difference and explains everything, as usual. When it’s so easy and convenient to be an amoral, self-serving hypocrite, is it any wonder so many go for it?

  3. Cigar Mike,


    I remember in the early sixties when I was a child in Cuba that I saw regular white Bacardi Rum selling in some stores in Cuba as it was still being manufactured by the Cuban government in the factories that they confiscated from Bacardi.

    Sometime around the mid-sixties (I think I recall since it has been a long time) the brand was no longer manufactured in the island. Later I learned that Bacardi owned the rights to it’s brand internationally and the Cuban government had lost that fight and stopped its production locally.

    In hindsight probably Bacardi was the only business in Cuba that foresaw the country’s future if Fidel Castro and the Communist took over the island and prepared themselves ahead of time and moved to protect it’s assets and to copyright the brand internationally.

    They had also moved their corporate headquarters out of Cuba in the fifties and I guess they made that move as the Cuban political atmosphere became so unstable during that time and the company executives saw the writing on the wall regarding the island’s future.

    Have to hand it over to these Bacardi executives for their very wise and smart move to protect their company.

  4. My understanding of the Bacardi Club situation is that Bacardi purchased the rights and original formula from the original owner whose company was stolen by the bearded scumbags. Bacardi is allowed to sell it’s version of Havana Club only in the USA and not in the rest of the globe to my understanding.

  5. Gigi, in this specific case, the defense counsel was the Department of Justice. Bacardi had won it’s own litigation; so as another attack from the gulag, this action was brought by the Cuban Government against the US Treasury for not allowing the renewal of the trademark …..

  6. Got it. It’s great news; wonder what they will claim if they appeal.

    You know, there are some decent career lawyers at DOJ. Too bad they have Holder over them now.

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