All you need are tourists

“U.S. Cuba policy hasn’t worked for 50 years, it’s time to try something new,” so says the chorus of fools.

“All Cuba needs is more Americans travelling to Cuba for democracy to magically spread like fairy dust,” echo the multitudes of followers.

And then there are the artists

So have a glass a tropical kool aid and move along folks.  There’s money to be made in those ports, and we shouldn’t let old-fashioned notions such as concern for human rights stand in the way of progress, not in the new world order. 

If this is the hope they have been waiting for, count me out.

1 thought on “All you need are tourists”

  1. Yes, life is so wonderfully magical! And like a line in the old 1950’s song, “Unchained Melody,” goes “time changes everything! Or shall I say depending on the politics of the country in question. Because I remember when American tourists were seen as the cause of all evil, as traveling imperialists, whoremongers and exploiters. Back in the 1950’s that’s how they were portrayed when they used to visit pre-Castro Cuba and there’s an entire body of literature, scholarship and movies to support that contention. But now, they have suddenly morphed into little Johnny Apple Seeds planting democracy and prosperity whereever they go.

    How times change! Oh, life is so beautiful!

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