Big brother, Art Laffer and the end of smoking

No doubt that the do-gooders will spin this as a good thing.  I personally don’t smoke cigarettes. I tried them in high school and never liked them.  I do smoke cigars on special occasions and also a pipe.  I’m not militantly anti-smoking though I recognize the health consequences and wish my smoking friends would quit for that reason.  

But the idea that people are quitting smoking to avoid paying new taxes is both instructive and scary.  It’s instructive because it brings home the reality that you can raise taxes to a point where they produce no additional revenues.  It’s a perfect illustration of the Laffer curve.  The big problem is that the lost revenue is being banked on by the government.  Without that revenue we continue the pattern of perpetuating programs without the money to pay for them.

And it’s scary because it demonstrates once again the state’s power to control your life.  They can require or prevent any behavior that’s fashionable/unfashionable through taxation.  

Welcome to the brave new world of hope and change.

4 thoughts on “Big brother, Art Laffer and the end of smoking”

  1. We stopped smoking when we first visited the state we lived in looking for housing. We were never really addicted, we were social smokers and liked to have a cigarrette with a coffee to close the day.

    I remember I sent my husband into the convenience store with a $5 bill, he came back b/c it wasn’t enough. What???? Now here with the tax hike they are up to $7. With the current economic situation those not heavily hooked on nicotine will definitely give up smoking, definitely cutting into the revenues the government was expecting.

  2. What’s more dangerous than a nicotine addiction? why, a politician addicted to the taxes collected from tobacco users. Light ’em if you have them, folks. It is your patriotic duty!

    Additionally, at some point grey and black market tobacco products will become the choice for those smokers who can’t give up their addiction, and can no longer afford to pay the tax load.

  3. Richard Armey said there are two tax rates on earnings at which the government collects nothing – 0% and 100%.
    If you tax cigarettes or executives salaries at effective 100% rates, the revenue will be zero.

    I just read a series of quotes from members of our msm which show an idolatry of Obama and company that is nothing short of insane. Speaking of 100% rates, as Obama goes about destroying our earning power and economy in general, these clowns praise him unconditionally. I want them to all lose their jobs. That would make a suitable 0% return for their nonsense.

  4. Uh oh – I was taken. These were April Fool jokes. I couldn’t tell because they sounded so much like the usual fawning in the msm.

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