What I fear may come . . .

Blogger Yoani Sanchez has been accused of a “provocation” for her remarks, and those of many others, during the Havana Biennial this past Sunday.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised it took the regime in Havana this long to respond to the exercise of free expression that echoed across the Wilfredo Lam Center on March 29th. What comes next is anyone’s guess however, I fear Sanchez and those who took to the podium are in danger.

And so I must ask, what should the response to any potential act by the Cuban government against Yoani and the others be? Should a hair on her head, or on the heads of any of the other participants be touched, I fear there will be many calling for reprisals against Cuban consular staff outside the island. The few emails I’ve received concerning potential actions against the group basically read like a call to arms. Is that just? I don’t know. What I do know is this – the Cuban people have been backed into a corner for too long. This sort of action can only end in one way and I fear the day of action is getting closer.

Your move, Fidel. Choose carefully.

3 thoughts on “What I fear may come . . .”

  1. People have been afraid of repercussions for Yoani and her followers for some time. It doesn’t seem to stop them. They definitely have cojones. A “call to arms”? Yeah, right. The arms are in the hands of the Cuban Army and the police. Most Cubans know nothing about Yoani or the other bloggers for freedom. All their blogs are blocked on the island. But surely if something happens to them, we should organize demonstrations everywhere.

  2. Anatasio,

    You are right. My apologies. My mistake. I DID misunderstand. Guess I need another strong cafécito.

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