Hoist one for me when you get there

Rob Sequin says he has a RIGHT to travel to Cuba and by God he’s right. He has a RIGHT to enjoy a cocktail or ten on the beach regardless of whether he’s fueling a repressive regime in the process. When he gets to Cuba he should have a toast to his rights. He should stop every Cuban within earshot and explain how he won his RIGHT to enjoy Cuba in ways that they can’t. It would be so appropriate. Yes Americans, you will now have the RIGHT to be an accomplice to one of the worst dictatorships in history just like our European cousins have that RIGHT. Here’s a primer on how to get drunk in Cuba for a couple of bucks a day. A couple of bucks that fidel and raul castro will thank you for. Here’s to the the bill of RIGHTS, especially that little known amendment that gives the RIGHT to cavort in the midst of other’s misery.


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